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The TOP-SCOPE Survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps: Survey Overview and Results of an Exemplar Source, PGCC G26.53+0.17
Liu, Tie1,2; Kim, Kee-Tae1; Juvela, Mika3; Wang, Ke4; Tatematsu, Ken'ichi5; Di Francesco, James6,7; Liu, Sheng-Yuan8; Wu, Yuefang9; Thompson, Mark10; Fuller, Gary11; Eden, David12; Li, Di13,14; Ristorcelli, I.15; Kang, Sung-ju1; Lin, Yuxin16; Johnstone, D.6,7; He, J. H.17,18,19; Koch, P. M.8; Sanhueza, Patricio5; Qin, Sheng-Li20,21; Zhang, Q.22; Hirano, N.8; Goldsmith, Paul F.23; Evans, Neal J., II1,24; White, Glenn J.25,26; Choi, Minho1; Lee, Chang Won1,27; Toth, L. V.28,29; Mairs, Steve6; Yi, H. -W.30; Tang, Mengyao20,21; Soam, Archana1; Peretto, N.31; Samal, Manash R.32; Fich, Michel33; Parsons, Harriet2; Yuan, Jinghua13; Zhang, Chuan-Peng13; Malinen, Johanna34; Bendo, George J.11; Rivera-Ingraham, A.35; Liu, Hong-Li36,37,38; Wouterloot, Jan2; Li, Pak Shing39; Qian, Lei13; Rawlings, Jonathan40; Rawlings, Mark G.2; Feng, Siyi41; Aikawa, Yuri42; Akhter, S.43; Alina, Dana44; Bell, Graham2; Bernard, J. -P.15; Blain, Andrew45; Bogner, Rebeka28; Bronfman, L.19; Byun, D. -Y.1; Chapman, Scott46; Chen, Huei-Ru47,48; Chen, M.6; Chen, Wen-Ping32; Chen, X.49; Chen, Xuepeng50; Chrysostomou, A.10; Cosentino, Giuliana40; Cunningham, M. R.43; Demyk, K.15; Drabek-Maunder, Emily51; Doi, Yasuo52; Eswaraiah, C.47,48; Falgarone, Edith53; Feher, O.28,54; Fraser, Helen25; Friberg, Per2,3; Garay, G.19; Ge, J. X.17; Gear, W. K.31; Greaves, Jane31; Guan, X.55; Harvey-Smith, Lisa43,56; Hasegawa, Tetsuo5; Hatchell, J.57; He, Yuxin58; Henkel, C.16,59; Hirota, T.5; Holland, W.60,61; Hughes, A.15; Jarken, E.58; Ji, Tae-Geun30; Jimenez-Serra, Izaskun62; Kang, Miju1; Kawabata, Koji S.63,64; Kim, Gwanjeong5; Kim, Jungha30; Kim, Jongsoo1; Kim, Shinyoung1; Koo, B. -C.65; Kwon, Woojin1,66; Kuan, Yi-Jehng67; Lacaille, K. M.46,68; Lai, Shih-Ping8,47,48; Lee, C. F.8; Lee, J. -E.30; Lee, Y. -U.1; Li, Dalei58; Li, Hua-Bai69; Lo, N.19; Lopez, John A. P.43; Lu, Xing5; Lyo, A-Ran1; Mardones, D.19; Marston, A.70; McGehee, P.71; Meng, F.55; Montier, L.15; Montillaud, Julien72; Moore, T.12; Morata, O.8; Moriarty-Schieven, Gerald H.6; Ohashi, S.5; Pak, Soojong30; Park, Geumsook1; Paladini, R.71; Pattle, Kate M.73; Pech, Gerardo8; Pelkonen, V. -M.72; Qiu, K.74; Ren, Zhi-Yuan13; Richer, John75; Saito, M.5; Sakai, Takeshi76; Shang, H.8; Shinnaga, Hiroko77; Stamatellos, Dimitris73; Tang, Y. -W.8; Traficante, Alessio78; Vastel, Charlotte15; Viti, S.40; Walsh, Andrew79; Wang, Bingru13; Wang, Hongchi50; Wang, Junzhi49; Ward-Thompson, D.73; Whitworth, Anthony31; Xu, Ye50; Yang, J.50; Yang, Yao-Lun80; Yuan, Lixia13; Zavagno, A.81; Zhang, Guoyin13; Zhang, H. -W.9; Zhou, Chenlin50; Zhou, Jianjun58; Zhu, Lei13; Zuo, Pei13; Zhang, Chao2
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The low dust temperatures (< 14 K) of Planck Galactic cold clumps (PGCCs) make them ideal targets to probe the initial conditions and very early phase of star formation. "TOP-SCOPE" is a joint survey program targeting similar to 2000 PGCCs in J = 1-0 transitions of CO isotopologues and similar to 1000 PGCCs in 850 mu m continuum emission. The objective of the "TOP-SCOPE" survey and the joint surveys (SMT 10 m, KVN 21 m, and NRO 45 m) is to statistically study the initial conditions occurring during star formation and the evolution of molecular clouds, across a wide range of environments. The observations, data analysis, and example science cases for these surveys are introduced with an exemplar source, PGCC G26.53+0.17 (G26), which is a filamentary infrared dark cloud (IRDC). The total mass, length, and mean line mass (M/L) of the G26 filament are similar to 6200 M-circle dot, similar to 12 pc, and similar to 500 M-circle dot pc(-1), respectively. Ten massive clumps, including eight starless ones, are found along the filament. The most massive clump as a whole may still be in global collapse, while its denser part seems to be undergoing expansion owing to outflow feedback. The fragmentation in the G26 filament from cloud scale to clump scale is in agreement with gravitational fragmentation of an isothermal, nonmagnetized, and turbulent supported cylinder. A bimodal behavior in dust emissivity spectral index (beta) distribution is found in G26, suggesting grain growth along the filament. The G26 filament may be formed owing to large-scale compression flows evidenced by the temperature and velocity gradients across its natal cloud.

KeywordIsm: Abundances Ism: Clouds Ism: Kinematics And Dynamics Stars: Formation Surveys
WOS HeadingsScience & Technology ; Physical Sciences
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WOS KeywordInfrared Dark Cloud ; Filamentary Molecular Clouds ; Clerk Maxwell Telescope ; Star-formation ; Initial Conditions ; Line-profiles ; Large-scale ; Gould Belt ; Dense Gas ; Fragmentation
WOS Research AreaAstronomy & Astrophysics
WOS SubjectAstronomy & Astrophysics
WOS IDWOS:000424013500005
Funding OrganizationKASI fellowship ; EACOA fellowship ; German Research Foundation (DFG)(WA3628-1/1, 1573) ; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(U1631237) ; Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)(U1631237) ; Top Talents Program of Yunnan Province(2015HA030) ; Academy of Finland(285769) ; ERC-STG(679852 RADFEEDBACK) ; National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) - Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology(NRF-2016R1A2B4012593) ; National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) - Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning(NRF-2015R1C1A1A01052160) ; Chinese Academy of Sciences(XDB09000000) ; Science and Technology Facilities Council of the United Kingdom ; ESO-ARO program(196.C-0999(A)) ; CONICYT(PFB-06) ; Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan(MOST 105-2119-M-007-024, MOST 106-2119-M-007-021-MY3) ; National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF-2015R1A2A2A01004769) ; Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute ; European Research Council(320773 SAEMPL)
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Corresponding AuthorLiu, Tie
Affiliation1.Korea Astron & Space Sci Inst, 776 Daedeokdaero, Daejeon 34055, South Korea
2.East Asian Observ, 660 N Aohoku Pl, Hilo, HI 96720 USA
3.Univ Helsinki, Dept Phys, POB 64, FI-00014 Helsinki, Finland
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GB/T 7714
Liu, Tie,Kim, Kee-Tae,Juvela, Mika,et al. The TOP-SCOPE Survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps: Survey Overview and Results of an Exemplar Source, PGCC G26.53+0.17[J]. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES,2018,234(2):28.
APA Liu, Tie.,Kim, Kee-Tae.,Juvela, Mika.,Wang, Ke.,Tatematsu, Ken'ichi.,...&Zhang, Chao.(2018).The TOP-SCOPE Survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps: Survey Overview and Results of an Exemplar Source, PGCC G26.53+0.17.ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES,234(2),28.
MLA Liu, Tie,et al."The TOP-SCOPE Survey of Planck Galactic Cold Clumps: Survey Overview and Results of an Exemplar Source, PGCC G26.53+0.17".ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES 234.2(2018):28.
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