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An ultra-wide bandwidth (704 to 4 032 MHz) receiver for the Parkes radio telescope 期刊论文
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 卷号: 37, 页码: e012
Authors:  Hobbs, George;  Manchester, Richard N.;  Dunning, Alex;  Jameson, Andrew;  Roberts, Paul;  George, Daniel;  Green, J. A.;  Tuthill, John;  Toomey, Lawrence;  Kaczmarek, Jane F.;  Mader, Stacy;  Marquarding, Malte;  Ahmed, Azeem;  Amy, Shaun W.;  Bailes, Matthew;  Beresford, Ron;  Bhat, N. D. R.;  Bock, Douglas C. J.;  Bourne, Michael;  Bowen, Mark;  Brothers, Michael;  Cameron, Andrew D.;  Carretti, Ettore;  Carter, Nick;  Castillo, Santy;  Chekkala, Raji;  Cheng, Wan;  Chung, Yoon;  Craig, Daniel A.;  Dai, Shi;  Dawson, Joanne;  Dempsey, James;  Doherty, Paul;  Dong, Bin;  Edwards, Philip;  Ergesh, Tuohutinuer;  Gao, Xuyang;  Han, JinLin;  Hayman, Douglas;  Indermuehle, Balthasar;  Jeganathan, Kanapathippillai;  Johnston, Simon;  Kanoniuk, Henry;  Kesteven, Michael;  Kramer, Michael;  Leach, Mark;  McIntyre, Vince;  Moss, Vanessa;  Ostowski, Stefan;  Phillips, Chris;  Pope, Nathan;  Preisig, Brett;  Price, Daniel;  Reeves, Ken;  Reilly, Les;  Reynolds, John;  Robishaw, Tim;  Roush, Peter;  Ruckley, Tim;  Sadler, Elaine;  Sarkissian, John;  Severs, Sean;  Shannon, Ryan;  Smart, Ken;  Smith, Malcolm;  Smith, Stephanie;  Sobey, Charlotte;  Staveley-Smith, Lister;  Tzioumis, Anastasios;  van Straten, Willem;  Wang, Nina;  Wen, Linqing;  Whiting, Matthew
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Instrumentation  Receivers  Radio astronomy  PULSAR  PROFILES  POLARIZATION