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Phase Compensation Method for Active Phased Array Antennas in Operating Environment based on Electromechanical Coupling Model 会议论文
2020 XXXIIrd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science, Rome, Italy, 29 August - 5 September 2020
Authors:  Wang, Yan;  Wang, Congsi;  Yan, Yuefei;  Tian, Jun;  Liu, Jing;  Zhou, Cheng;  Wang, Zhihai;  Yu, Kunpeng;  Xu, Qian
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基于面板调整矩阵的主动主反射面天线促动器调整量确定方法 专利
专利类型: 发明专利, 申请公开日期: 2020-06-24,
Inventors:  许谦;  连培园;  王从思;  薛松;  项斌斌;  严粤飞;  王艳;  王娜;  王志海;  郑元鹏;  段玉虎
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A Structure and Circuit Coupling Modeling Method for Flexible Interconnection Points and Transmission Performance of Gold Belt in Microwave Modules 会议论文
2019 20th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology(ICEPT), Hong Kong, China, August 12, 2019 - August 15, 2019
Authors:  Tian, Jun;  Wang, Congsi;  Liu, Shaoyi;  Zhu, Cheng;  Zhou, Cheng;  Liu, Jing;  Wang, Zhihai;  Yu, Kunpeng;  Wang, Lu;  Zheng, Yuanpeng;  Gao, Wei;  Shi, Yu;  Xu, Qian
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Microwave circuits  Belts  Electronics packaging  Flexible electronics  Gold  Integrated circuit interconnects  Microwaves  Timing circuits  
Coupling Model and Electronic Compensation of Antenna-Radome System for Hypersonic Vehicle With Effect of High-Temperature Ablation 期刊论文
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, 2020, 卷号: 68, 期号: 3, 页码: 2340-2355
Authors:  Wang, Congsi;  Wang, Yan;  Chen, Yuankui;  Gao, Wei;  Xu, Qian;  Wang, Zhihai;  Liu, Jing;  Zhou, Cheng;  Xu, Wanye;  Zhong, Jianfeng
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Active phased array antenna  electronic compensation  high-temperature ablation  hypersonic vehicle  performance coupling  
一种反射面天线的螺栓安装误差对电性能影响的评价方法 专利
专利类型: 发明专利, 申请公开日期: 2019-08-16,
Inventors:  许谦;  连培园;  王从思;  王娜;  段玉虎;  王志海;  薛松;  王艳;  项斌斌;  严粤飞
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面向天线指向大型变形抛物面天线面板移动拟合调整方法 专利
专利类型: 发明, 专利号: 201610073905, 申请公开日期: 2016-02-02,
Inventors:  王从思;  肖岚;  王艳;  李素兰;  黄进;  朱敏波;  王璐;  段玉虎;  王志海;  平丽浩;  刘振宇;  冷国俊
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