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Calculation Efficiency Research of Distance between Two Points on Spheroid with Different Programming Languages 会议论文
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Instrumentation & Measurement, Sensor Network and Automation (IMSNA), Ottawa, Canada, 2014-12-30
Authors:  Zhang, Hailong;  Nie, Jun;  Huang, Chunping;  Tohtonur;  Wang, Jie
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c  Python  Cython  Efficiency  
使用40米射电望远镜和DFB开展脉冲星计时研究 会议论文
FAST Pulsar Symposium 3, Shanghai, China, July 2-4,2014
Authors:  袁建平;  刘志勇;  李琳;  王娜;  郝龙飞
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A New Model for Pulsar Distance 会议论文
FAST Pulsar Symposium 3, Shanghai, China, July 2-4,2014
Authors:  Yao, Jumei
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Summary of anti-glitch observations and models 会议论文
FAST Pulsar Symposium 3, Shanghai, China, July 2-4,2014
Authors:  Tong, Hao
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关于超强磁场下电子压强与磁场关系两种相反的观点 会议论文
FAST Pulsar Symposium 3, Shanghai, China, July 2-4,2014
Authors:  高志福
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Position Angle Curve Revisited 会议论文
FAST Pulsar Symposium 3, Shanghai, China, July 2-4,2014
Authors:  Yuen, Rai;  Melrose, D. B.
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低能截止对温度各向异性驱动的电子回旋脉泽辐射影响 会议论文
第九次全国空间天气学研讨会, 江苏无锡, 2014年9月19-22日
Authors:  唐建飞
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射电辐射机制  电子回旋脉泽辐射  温度各向异性  低能截止行为  
Electronics design of the airborne stabilized platform attitude acquisition module 会议论文
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, SuZhou, China, October 20, 2013 - October 29, 2013
Authors:  Xu, Jiang;  Wei, Guiling;  Cheng, Yong;  Li, Baolin;  Bu, Hongyi;  Wang, Hao;  Zhang, Zhanwei;  Li, Xingni
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Design  Data Processing  Hardware  Mems  Mergers And Acquisitions  Modular Construction  Optical Image Storage  Remote Sensing  
The orbital modulation on twin kHz QPOs and iron lines in Circinus X-1 会议论文
Proceeding of The 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Moscow, Russia, 2-10 August 2014
Authors:  Ding, Guoqiang
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The photometric system of the Nanshan One-meter Wide field Telescope 会议论文
Setting the scene for Gaia and LAMOST, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Lijiang, China, May 20-24,2013
Authors:  Liu, Jinzhong;  Zhang, Yu;  Feng, Guojie;  Bai, Chunhai
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Ccd Photometer  Telescopes